Wednesday, March 12, 2008


THE mainstream media has a major role to play in why BN fell. They really have to shoulder the blame. But the biggest blame of course goes to the BN itself which had over the years cowed the media and taught it how to report what it wants to read.

This is Mahathir's legacy. While he goes around shooting his mouth that Pak Lah has destroyed the BN. It is him who had the biggest hand in removing the media's teeth. Remember Operasi Lallang.

Adept at parroting the ruling party's line, the mainstream media has created a bubble for the politicians to feel safe and secure so that they truly believe everything is rosy on the ground and they can continue to behave as they do.

They can even ignore the blogs and online media - accusing them of being frivolous. How very wrong they were. They failed to see that it is a barometer of sentiments brewing on the ground.

The mainstream newspapers, radio and TV have completely failed in their duty and very reason for their existence - the simple role of being in tune with reality and providing a truthful picture of reality. The have utterly failed the rakyat and the people whom the rakyat entrusted to take care of them.

If they have reported the real sentiments on the ground, would BN leaders have ignored it? Hmmm, on second thoughts, they might not even care.

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